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Seto Mulyadi

Dr. Seto Mulyadi psi.Msi,  or “kak Seto” as everyone calls him, has a Doctorate in Child Psychology.

As the leader of National Child protection Committee, his belief is  “as a big nation we have to love and respect children”.

Seto cares about children’s education in Indonesia. He is also working to improve the national education system. Seto has started the home schooling education system,to give some children an alternative so that they only go to school twice a week and study at home for the rest of the week.

Seto has conducted thorough research that compares the Indonesian Education System with overseas Education Systems.

Recently he visited Australia to observe  Early Childhood Education Systems and signed an agreement to collaborate with the ACSC to implement our Australian Education system in Indonesia. Early childhood was selected as our focus as is the most important to the future growth of the child.